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Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, he was struck by the music of "KISS" at the age of 6 thanks to his father's influence. He began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and was so passionate about it that he would even play while eating. He then started posting videos on YouTube, where his incredible guitar technique quickly gained attention.

In 2014, he began his career as a guitarist in earnest by participating in the guitar instrumental album (V.A.) "GUITAR BATTLE WORK SHOP," featuring songs by young guitarists.
While energetically performing live guitar instrumentals, he released his first metal guitar instrumental EP "Sagittarius" in September 2015, followed by his second EP "Eclipse" in June 2016, both limited to live venues.

He also expanded his activities as an arranger, creating an arrangement for the song "Ai ga Mienai" for d-project's 1st AL "d-project with ZARD." He was a band member for ZARD's 25th and 30th anniversary concerts and supported Marty Friedman in his tours and classical concerts.

He has recorded songs for Mai Kuraki and participated in DAIGO's "Being" cover album "Deing." With his unforgettable and astonishing guitar technique, he aims to become a world-class guitarist.

He is an ESP endorser and is currently active as an instrumentalist with Naoki Morioka with WWEEZZ. In November 2022, he released his first album in 6 years. In January 2023, ESP and EDWARDS released the Naoki Morioka signature model "SNAPPER-7 Morioka Custom Red Garnet."

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